Advance voting

If you will be travelling on the election day, vote in advance.

Advance polling stations are set up in libraries, post offices and government buildings. Those in hospital or prison can also vote in advance. You can also vote in a locality other than where your home is located. The polling station is advertised in newspapers and shown by signs.

Take the advance voting notice with you when you go voting. Also take with you your passport or driving license or other photo ID.

Advance voting is done very much in the same way as normal voting. Before you drop your voting slip into the ballot box, you will be given a voting envelope. The slip will be put into this envelope. You will seal the envelope yourself.

Sign the advance voting notice card and give it to the election official. The official will put it together with the envelope into another yellow envelope which will be sent to the Central Election Committee of your municipality.

The results of advance voting will be declared on the election day as soon as the polling stations close.