Voting on the election day

On the election day you vote at your nearest polling station. The address and opening hours of the polling stations are shown in the advance voting notice you got by post. It is a good idea to take the notice with you to the polling station but it is not necessary for voting. The election officials have a list of all the people in the municipality who are entitled to vote. It is enough that you have a photo ID with you.

On the wall of the polling station there is a list showing all the candidates. The same list is in the voting booth. However, the lists do not show photos of the candidates like newspaper advertisements. If you are afraid that you may forget your candidate’s number, you can write it down on a piece of paper and take it with you.

After voting you will yourself drop your voting slip into the ballot box.

Often there is somebody with a collection box sitting at the polling station. He or she is collecting money for some charity. Voting is free and does not cost anything. You do not have to give money to the collection if you do not want to. The purpose for which money is asked in the election day charity collection is shown. Usually money is collected for the poor and needy in Finland.

Illustrations: Mosaiikki ry ja