Citizens’ right of access to information

The citizens of the European Union have the right to know what is going on in the EU. They have the right to this information in all the official EU languages. Every member state has an information office that publishes brochures and press releases about the European Union.

There are many sites on the Internet providing information on the EU:
– Official web site of the European Union in all the official EU languages.
– European Parliament’s information site in all the official EU languages.
– Web site of the Europe Information Office of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Current developments affecting Finland in Finnish and Swedish and summaries in English.
– Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union. Finland’s embassy in the European Union. Current news in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Practical information for EU citizens and their families. Käytännön tietoa EU-kansalaisille ja heidän perheilleen. (Sinun Eurooppasi -sivusto)