Citizens free to use their own language when dealing with the Union!

Because the European Union respects the languages of all its citizens, it is possible to use any of the EU official languages when dealing with the Union. Everyone may use his or her own language in negotiations with the EU and receive all documents in their own language. So when choosing a candidate the most important things are expertise and knowledge, not the mastery of languages.

As an EU citizen, you may also write to any EU institution in any official EU language including Finnish. You have the right to receive the reply in the same language.

The EU has also made sure that immigrants living in a member state can deal with the authorities in the language they understand. If necessary, the authorities must provide an interpreter. Also, people have the right to use an interpreter when receiving medical care.

The labels and main instructions on the packages of products offered for sale must be available in the language of the EU country in which the product is sold. Understanding things correctly is an important part of democracy and equality.