The European Union’s main objective is to promote peace, follow the EU’s values and improve the wellbeing of nations. The European Parliament and other institutions see to it that these objectives are achieved.

The main objectives are:

A common European area without borders

The objective is to create a free and safe Europe with no internal borders. The citizens living in the area enjoy the rights granted by the European Union.

Internal market

The objective is to ensure smooth and efficient trade within Europe. Competition between companies is free and fair.

Stable and sustainable development

The objective is to ensure Europe’s sustainable and steady development. It means balanced economic growth and stable prices. The European Union seeks to create a competitive market economy which takes into account people’s wellbeing and social needs. An important issue is environmental protection. Efforts are made to protect the environment and repair any damage made.

Scientific and technological development

The European Union supports the advancement of science and technology and invests in education. Another objective is to achieve a skilled workforce and a high standard of technological production.

Prevention of social exclusion

The European Union works hard to prevent social exclusion. It seeks to prevent people from drifting outside the labour market and society. Efforts are made to eliminate poverty. The Union works for equality. Minority rights are protected. Social security is improved. Men and women must be treated equally. Children’s rights must be protected and children given a happy childhood. Old people must be looked after and respected.


Solidarity between countries and people is promoted in the field of the economy, social equality and regions. The member states must be loyal to one another. It means that states must take responsibility for and be understanding of one another.

Respect for languages and cultures

The European Union respects the languages and cultures of the individual countries. National cultures and the common European culture are cherished and developed.

Common foreign and security policy

The European Union seeks to promote peace not only in Europe but also elsewhere in the world. It seeks to ensure that peace is maintained in Europe and that people have security. With the common foreign policy, the European Union wants to make sure that the resources of the planet are used sensibly and that the environment is not destroyed. The European Union also wishes to respect other countries and nations. It works for free and fair trade and tries to eliminate poverty. Human rights are important all over the world. The European Union follows the Charter of the United Nations and underlines the importance of common international rules.

The European Union’s general objectives are recorded in the Treaties of the European Union.