The President of the European Union is the director of the Parliament. He or she represents the Parliament in all negotiations. The President is elected by the Parliament by secret ballot.


The Bureau consists of the President of the European Parliament, 14 Vice-Presidents and six Quaestors, or advisors, serving as observers. The Bureau is the institution that approves the budget of the European Parliament. They also deal with administrative issues.

Conference of Presidents

The Conference of Presidents is a meeting between the President of the European Parliament and the chairs of the political groups. The conference decides on the rules of procedure, timetables and agenda of the European Parliament. The Parliament also elects the members of the Committees and Delegations.


The Committees prepare issues for presentation to the plenary sessions. All the committee members are members of the European Parliament (MEP). The committees specialise in issues related to specific issues. MEPs are represented in the committees in the same proportion as in the plenary sessions.


The Delegations are responsible for the international relations of the European Parliament. Their task is to maintain and develop the relations with the partners of the European Union. At the same time, they seek to promote the EU’s value in other countries as well.

Plenary session

The plenary session of the European Parliament is the meeting at which final decisions are made. At the sessions, the MEPs vote on bills for new laws.

Political groups

The members of the European Parliament are divided into political groups according to political views. The political groups work for the issues they find important in the European Union.

Secretary General

The Secretary-General is the highest official in the European Parliament who is the head of the General Secretariat. The General Secretariat consists of the Directorate-Generals specialising in specific areas. The Secretary General is also responsible for the administration of the European Parliament. The Secretary General is appointed by the General Secretariat.

General Secretariat

The composition of the European Parliament General Secretariat is determined by the Bureau of the European Parliament. The Bureau coordinates legislative work. It organises all the sessions and meetings. The Bureau offers expert assistance to the parliament institutions and members.