European Commission

José Manuel Barroso

Photo: European Parliament

Finland’s Commissioner
Olli Rehn.

Photo: Europe Information

Members of the European Commission are called commissioners. They are civil servants appointed by their respective member states. Every EU member state has its own commissioner. The Commission members are appointed for a 5-year term at a time. Each commissioner is responsible for a certain aspect of EU politics. The duties and positions within the Commission are determined by the Chairmanwho is appointed by the European Council.

Serving as the Chairman of the European Commissions from 2004 to 2013 is José Manuel Barroso (Portugal).

The European Commission must look after the interests of all EU member states. The member states cannot give instructions to the Commission.

The European Commission prepares legislative bills and makes a proposal for the EU’s budget. Additionally, the Commission implements the decisions made by the Council of Ministers.

The Commission is accountable to the European Parliament. If the Parliament is dissatisfied with the Commission’s work and gives a vote of non-confidence, all the commissioners must resign.

Members of the Commission headed by José Manuel Barroso 9.1.2009.

Photo: European Parliament