In addition to the European Commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers, there are also various committees. Their task is to give statements to larger institutions.

The largest committees of the European Union

The European Economic and Social Committee deals with economic matters related to the internal market. Employers, workers, trade unions and other interest groups can express their opinions of the legislative bills proposed by the EU through the committee.

Committee of the Regions

Photo: Europe Information.

The Committee of the Regions represents local and regional views concerning the EU legislation. No decisions affecting local or regional administration may be made without hearing the Committee of the Regions.

All the EU member states are represented on these committees. Every committee has 344 members and their alternates.

EU institutions and other bodies

The European Union has numerous institutions and agencies. There are over 30 agencies in the various EU member states. Their task is to ensure that the decisions and regulations of the European Union are implemented in the various sectors. Additionally, there are executive agencies in Brussels and Luxembourg responsible for administrative duties.

The European Chemicals Agency is located in Finland.