About the project

Information campaign of the European Parliament

This website was created as part of an information campaign launched by the European Parliament. It is designed to give EU citizens information on its activities, ideas and objectives and, in particular, encourage citizens to take part in decision making in the Parliament.

Mosaiikki (ry)  is the only Finnish association admitted to the programme for the period 2012–2013. Completed between 1 November 2012 and 31 June 2013,  the project was implemented with funding from the European Parliament and the Slot Machine Association.

Through this web information campaign, Mosaiikki has promoted the European Parliament among immigrants living in Finland. This website was built up during the project. Additionally, a great deal of information on the activities of the European Parliament and European elections has been provided in the magazines and newsletters published by Mosaiikki.

Many of the immigrants living in Finland are Finnish citizens. They are entitled to vote in the elections to the European Parliament. However, voter turnout among immigrants has remained very low. They have lacked information on the European Parliament and their own rights. It is important, therefore, to encourage the immigrants – especially young adults – to vote. Youth is our future. This is why Mosaiikki wants to increase the awareness of Europe among immigrants.

The website is written in simplified Finnish to make it easier for immigrants to understand it. It has also been translated into Russian, English and Persian. Most immigrants living in Finland understand one of these languages. We have tried to explain things as clearly as possible.

This project is unique – never before has information about the European Parliament the European elections been provided in simplified Persian. Not much information has been available in Russian, either.

The website has been designed and the voting instructions written especially for immigrants living in Finland. However, because the general information and basic principles are the same for all people living in the EU Member States, we hope that this site will be useful for them as well.

The purpose of the website is to explain what the EU is and what the European Parliament does. Above all, we wish to encourage immigrants to vote in the elections to the European Parliament. We want to encourage them to take active part in social and political life. Because many important decisions affecting Finland are made in the European Parliament, it is important that all citizens take an active part in managing our common affairs.

People behind the website

The project has been managed and carried out by Mosaiikki (ry)., a registered association. The people involved are:



European Parliament, Directorate-General for Communications

Slot Machine Association (RAY)

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the financiers
and partners who made this project possible!

What is Mosaiikki?

Mosaiikki (ry) is an immigrant association registered in Jyväskylä in 2003. Mosaiikki provides a wide range of information intended for immigrants. The main target group is Russian-speaking immigrants.

The association seeks to prevent social exclusion among immigrants and help them solve problems by providing information and advice. The Association publishes Mosaiikki immigrant magazines with local and nationwide circulation in Finnish and Russian. Local newsletters are published in six cities. Additionally, the Association offers personal employment advice in Russian in Central Finland. The Association also develops immigration information services on the Internet.

Other websites maintained by the Association: