Any EU citizen entitled to vote may declare him- or herself as a candidate in the elections to the European Parliament. Every candidate represents his or her own people. So a citizen of Finland represents Finland. A citizen of Sweden or some other EU member state may represent Finland only if he or she has the right to right to vote in Finland.

In practice, the candidates must propose themselves as candidates on the list of some party . One party may nominate a maximum of 20 candidates. Another alternative is to gather at least 2,000 supporters and form one’s own constituency association valitsijayhdistys. People do not have to be party members to appear on a party ticket.

The European Parliament passes decisions on EU laws. Among other things, the Parliament decides on issues like employment, trade, agriculture, security, the environment and traffic. In the Parliament, each MEP represents his or her own voters. The candidate should also have some expertise in the matters handled by the Parliament. Many Finnish MEPs have served a long time as members of the Finnish Parliament before moving on to the European Parliament. Sometimes public figures find it easier to get elected because they are already known to voters. Anybody can get elected if the campaign is successful.

All the official languagesof the European Union are used in the Parliament. At official meetings the MEPs may use their mother tongue.

The lists of candidates must be given to the Helsinki Election District Ehdokashakemus no later than 29 April 2014 by 16.00.

The nomination of candidates is confirmed on 8 May 2014. This is when the list of approved candidates is published.

After publication the candidates start their election campaigns. They tour the country and talk to people about themselves and their goals. During the tours voters can put questions to the candidates. Candidates also appear on TV and radio and take part in election panels and questionnaires.

Candidates must also report the money they have received to finance the election campaign . The report Vaalirahoitusilmoitus must be filed with the National Audit Office by 11 August 2014.

In the previous elections Vuonna 2009 in Finland there were 241 candidates from 13 parties and one constituency association. A total of 13 representatives were elected from Finland to the European Parliament.
Europarlamenttivaalien tulokset kaikissa jäsenvaltioissa.

Those elected start in the Parliament on 14 July. The term of the MEP lasts five years. An MEP may not at the same time be a member of the national parliament or a cabinet member. The first task the MEPs have is to elect the President of the European Parliament.

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