If you are a citizen of Finland or some other European Union member state, you can vote in the elections to the European Parliament. You will receive an advance voting notice by post that gives you the right to vote in advance. The notice shows the election date and the polling station nearest to your home.

You can vote either in advance or on the actual election day. You can vote in advance in any locality, even abroad. On the actual election day you must vote at the polling station shown on the notice sent to you.

Use you vote to make a difference.
Take part in decision making by voting.
Every vote counts.

If you are not a Finnish citizen but a citizen of some other EU member state, you may only give your vote to a candidate from your own country. You can cast your vote at the embassy or foreign mission of your country. They give you more information about voting and the candidates standing for the European Parliament. In Finland, votes for the European Parliament are cast in advance.

If you are a citizen of an EU member state other than Finland and want to vote for a candidate standing for elections in Finland, you must registerilmoittautua as a voter. The last date for registering as a voter in the European parliamentary elections in Finland is 20 March 2014. When you do so, you are deleted from the voter register of your own country and added to the Finnish voter register. You can only vote for a candidate from one country, not two.