Voting in practice


Take with you a photo ID, for example your passport or driving license. It is also a good idea to take with you the advance voting notice you got by post. If you vote in advance, you must have it with you.


When you come to the polling station, go up to the election official and state your name. Show your ID and the notice proving that your have the right to vote. The official will verify your identity and enter you in the register.


Then the official will give you the voting slip.


Take the voting slip and go to the voting booth. The list on the wall of the booth shows the names and numbers of the candidates according to the political party that they represent. (Please note:no face photos are shown). There is a pencil for you in the booth. Choose your candidate. (See video)


Write the number of the person you want to vote for in the circle on the voting slip. Do not write anything else on the voting slip!The number is enough. Make sure that the number is readable.

How to write numbers in Finland.


Fold the voting slip so that nobody can see the number that you wrote.

Fold the voting slip when still in the booth.


Take the voting slip to the election official sitting next to the wooden ballot box. He or she will stamp the voting envelope.


After that you can drop the voting slip into the ballot box.


You have now cast your vote and may leave.


Your vote will be counted among all the other votes cast on the election day.

In the evening, the Finnish television will show the results as the votes are counted. It takes a couple of days to confirm the results: who have been elected to the Parliament in Finland and in the other EU members. The candidates are elected democratically according to the number of votes given.

Illustrations: Mosaiikki ry ja